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Enjoy a wonderful coffee break in Bali

Let’s holiday or weekend in Bali, and enjoy a fantastic coffee break in paradise.

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Mr Dodik, Mr. Made Suparsa, Mr. Nyoman Sudhana and me coffee break in Kori Ubud. Image: private
When we are on vacation or on a weekend, we definitely need a relaxing moment, the coffee break is the most excellent moment to do so. Similarly, when you are on holiday in Bali, island paradise, you can enjoy a cup of black coffee, espresso or cappuccino. You can get the most delicious coffee that is grown in this beautiful island.

Relax over a cup of coffee, or vice versa you can do anywhere in the entire island of Bali which has many secret beaches, from Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Candidasa, Lovina beach, also in a most famous village in Bali, Kintamani or Ubud.  I was invited to drink coffee in a boutique hotel, Ubud. The hotel owner, Mr. Nyoman Sudhana always invited me to have coffee or dinner at the hotel or Legong Restaurant, in Semawang, Sanur near Denpasar. However, for a cozy atmosphere for coffee, Kori Ubud is the most convenient place in Ubud area.