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Yoga adventure in Bali

There is a book called "1,000 Places to See Before You Die", mentioning that you must visit Bali before you leave this world. This is a Best-selling book written by Patricia Schultz. There must be something unique in this tropical paradise, so Patricia suggests you to visit Bali. 

 Bali has a lot of activities that will get you extra pleasant experience for a variety of adventures that you can do in this beautiful island. Nature in Bali gives you a place to surf, dive in some of the beach and in the depths of the amazing underwater Bali. Outdoor sports such as rafting, flying fish, parasailing and many other adventures you can enjoy. 
adventure, chakra, yoga, meditation, Ubud, Bali, yoga in Bali
Yoga in front of Pura Tanah Lot. Image:  Bambang W (

 You can also climb a mountain; ride a bike while enjoying the beauty of the terraced rice fields in the countryside. If you're looking for peace of mind, you can practice yoga in Ubud or other places in Bali. Yoga is also a unique adventure to discover chakra and awaken kundalini that lies within you. There are a lot of foreign tourists, especially from Russia, Germany, India, Japan and the United States of America enjoy a holiday on the island of Bali. They are interested in yoga exercises together with the local community. 

adventure, chakra, yoga, meditation, Ubud, Bali, yoga in Bali
Yoga in Sanur Beach. Image: Komang Setiabudi
If you are on vacation or staying at a hotel or villa in Sanur beach, every morning you will see the Balinese people practicing yoga, whether alone, in groups, there are even yoga classes. You can join them. "Given enough travelers interested in yoga, the practice of foreigners packed in such a way as to take a place in the artist colony of Ubud, Gianyar," says Bali-India Foundation chairman Dr Somvir. Bali in the future will be the center of yoga, meditation and spirituality. 

There are several ashrams or Yoga workshop in Ubud and Karangasem regency and other 
places, but if you stay around Kuta beach, you do not have to go to Ubud because some hotels in Kuta and other hotels also opened a yoga class, especially for beginners. Ubud is a beautiful and quiet, making it suitable for practicing yoga. Ubud was the movie location of Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. Have you seen this movie?

adventure, chakra, yoga, meditation, Ubud, Bali, yoga in Bali
Yoga in Kuta. Image: Mey
In Ubud and will be able visit museums, art galleries, spas have earned international awards. There many local restaurants, Asian, Western and food, vegetarian and even internationally. You can be a means of practicing yoga for about two weeks and enjoy the unique art and culture of the island landscape. Bali yoga activities for the future are expected to increase the attractiveness for tourists and foreign tourists to the island. 

 Therefore the international community to come to Bali, in addition to enjoying the holidays also seeking peace of soul and mind through yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities. You can stay in hotels, villas, resort or spa that specializes in providing packages for practicing yoga in Ubud, Nusa Dua and other places on a beautiful island.

 Yoga is great for physical and mental balance. Beauty and the spiritual atmosphere of Bali will improve your life, after practicing and doing yoga in Bali, last paradise. Go to Bali with friends, family or someone you love to practice yoga, so you get enlightenment. Believe me, with yoga and meditation you will find Chakra, kundalini even in you will rise, so you would be wise, healthy and happy.

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