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Mount Batur view, holiday in Kintamani, Lake Batur
Mt Batur and Lake Batur view (Image:
There is a beautiful area and has beautiful scenery  in Bali, Kintamani. If you are to Kintamani you will feel the atmosphere of a fresh hills with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius, much like air in Bedugul (another beautiful place in Bali). 

The main attraction of the region is a view of Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is still an active volcano and the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih. The best atmosphere is when enjoy lunch while enjoying the beauty of lake and mountain belching smoke friendly. 
climbing Mount Batur, outdoor sports, hiking in Bali
If you want to stay longer, then you can stay at a hotel or inn is located at Kintamani or on the shores of lake Batur.  You can do adventure and sports to climb Mount Batur Kintamani in the morning and watch the beautiful sunrise from the summit of this mountain, and how beautiful the lake Batur when you see it from above.  

Kintamani, which is located in Bangli district, is one of the favorite tourist attractions.  Generally in almost any travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani entry in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting the Batu Bulan (Barong Dance), the tourist area of 
​​Ubud or Sukawati as a Balinese art shopping center.

Some beatiful places in Kintamani and surroundings:

Penelokan Penelokan located in the southern village of Middle Batur, Kintamani District approximately 23 miles from the City Bangli or 63 km from the provincial capital of Denpasar Bali.

Throughout the Batur area has a very interesting sight is the district of Kintamani is located in the north Bangli. Penelokan is the best place to see a view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. It's about 1500 meters above sea level which is year to year has a temperature ± 22o C in the daytime, and 16oC at night.

Coffee plantation in Kintamani, Kopi Luwak, organic coffee
Lunch time in Kintamani  (Image:

There are Many visitors, both domestic and international, to choose this place to be able to enjoy the cool mountain air and fresh. Obviously this is very fun while enjoying the beautiful scenery with solid black lava from the eruption of Mount Batur in 1917 which destroyed all the surrounding villages.

For that we intend to invite anyone who likes adventure to climb to the summit.  Besides the beauty of the panorama, we can also see the beautiful waters of Lake Batur in the clear as crystal and on the slopes of the mountains you can see the unique tombs, as well as from the Village Trunyan Brutuk Barong, which no other right can be found in Bali. Don't forget to enjoy lunch and drink delicious Kopi Luwak or organic coffee in Kintamani. It's a great moment.


Kedisan village situated on the edge of Mount Batur 7 Km south of Penelokan Kintamani District and along the road or 27 km from the city of Bangli.
A small village, with a cool, fresh air and the hospitality of the people who coexist with other villages such as Batur, Fruits, Trunyan, and the village called Village Star Songan so Danu, since it is located on the edge of Mount Batur.

Terunyan name of the village comes from the word "Taru and incense ', fragrant tree that grew in the village, the people there believe that the tree is very important. The body of the deceased is placed on top of an open grave under a tree with an open face wearing only a white cloth and "food shelf". Manner of burial is called "Mepasah". An interesting and unique is the way the funeral of a local population of this village, which is certainly different from the norm in Bali. The bodies were buried without leaning on the tree. But the issue is not unique body odor because the scent of wood neutralized by so-called incense.

Terunyan village as part of Kintamani district located on the shores of Lake Batur or in the west foot of Mount Abang. These villagers are descendants of the original Bali Age. With its unique cultural aspects, this village can be reached by boat from the village Kedisan, across Lake Batur for ± 30 minutes.

Pura Pancering Jagat
Pura Pancering Jagat is located in the village of Kintamani district Terunyan. This temple's name comes from the 4-meter high giant statue. Local people call it "Arca Tonta or Queen Cede Pusering Jagat". This temple ceremony falls on Purnamaning sasih Kapat around October. On several occasions Barong Brutuk direct danced to commemorate the wedding anniversary of Queen's Way Pancering Jagat, the ruler of this area with the Ratu Ayu Dalem Pingit  (Ratu Ayu Dalem Dasar). This temple is only worshiped by theTerunyan people only.

Toyo Bungkah
Toyo Bungkah located on the west side of Lake Batur, 11 Km from the district of Kintamani Penelokan. This place is very refreshing and perfect for fishing and swimming. There is also no hot water the water comes from the rigid Mount Batur. The people there believe that this water can cure all types of skin diseases. This place has been known 1930, especially by foreign scientists. The facilities are here, among others, inns, hotels and restaurants and halls to perform traditional dances and modern.

Pura Penulisan
Pura Ulun Danu Batur, Hindu temple in Kintamani, beautiful temple in Bali
Pura Ulun Danu, Batur, Kintamani
Pura Penulisan is located 1745 above sea level is approximately 3 km from Kintamani or 30 Km from the capital Bangli, to the east of the upper part of the way Bali - Singaraja.

Pura Batur
Pura Batur, better known by Ulun Danu lies at an altitude of 900 m above sea level precisely in the village of Kintamani district Kalanganyar East of Denpasar-Singaraja road.

This temple is facing west with a backdrop of Mount Batur and Lake Batur black lava that stretched away at the foot of Mount Batur, complementing the natural beauty around the temple.
Prior to the present location, Pura Batur is located on the slopes of Mount Batur Southwest. Because of the catastrophic eruption in 1917 which had destroyed everything, including this temple except a pelinggih the highest. Finally, thanks to the initiative of the village with village leaders, they bring pelinggih intact and rebuilt Batur Temple to place higher at the current location. Temple ceremony is celebrated every year called ngusaba Kedasa.

Do not miss the chance to visit if you are into Bali Kintamani. Surely you have not forgotten memories.

Note: In Balinese Pura means temple.