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Bukit Jambul

bali, bukit jambul, clove trees, karangasem regency, panorama, sea view, terrace field, Bukit Jambul is a place of interest in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali. Bukit Jambul word is derived from Bukit mean hill and Jambul mean crest so Bukit Jambul is crest of a hill. It is strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Besakih Temple and it is one of the tourist destinations that visited on Besakih Tour. It is situated in the plateau area which is blessed with the beautiful panorama of rice terrace and green coconuts three unfolding to the sea. In this site, we present a picture of Bukit Jambul in Karangasem Regency.

bali, bukit jambul, clove trees, karangasem regency, panorama, sea view, terrace field, This place of interest is located up on a hill and just like most of other places in Karangasem regency, its attraction is also on the harmony between mountain panorama, terraced paddy field, valley and sea view. From the highland, one can enjoy amazing panorama down there while along the sloping and bending road, terraced paddy field and clove trees adorn the road sides.

Looking to the East one will see towering mountain at Sidemen village in distance, extensive rice field at Klungkung regency and unhampered sea view of the south coast of Klungkung.

The elderly people of Pesaban village told, the name of Bukit Jambul known at the time of the Dutch colonization given by visitors visiting the place. "Bukit Jambul" derived from the hill (Bukit) located on the South of the main road to the direction to Besakih from Klungkung, on top of which a temple is located named Pucak Sari Temple surrounded by dense big trees while on the slope is rice - paddy field, so from the distance the hill top with the temple surrounded by dense big trees will be seen like "Jambul" (bunch of hair on the front head/ tuft).
Pucak Sari Temple itself is an "Ulun Carik" temple (temple of farming) adhered by local farmers.
Before the name "Bukit Jambul" was given, the rice field on the Southern part was called "Babakan Kelod" while the farm and rice field on the northern part was called: "Babakan Kaja". Since the time the hill with forest on its top was noticed, that place was then called: "Bukit Jambul".


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