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Outdoor sports in Bali

sunset in kuta beach, sunset in paradise, sunset in bali
Bali is a real tropical paradise. Many people think Bali is the ideal island for relaxing by a pool, sipping cocktails at sunset and forgetting about the real world. While this is entirely true, Bali is also an excellent adventure destination for those addicted to the rush of adrenalin. Bali offers not just various customs but also various adrenalin pump parks. Many exciting amusements are available in Bali, with something new opening all time. 

Join Adventures in Bali: Trekking, Rafting, horse ridding, elephant safari, cruise, diving and much more... You can enjoy exciting rafting with professional and experienced guides on Ayung River. Drive for 30 minutes to the North to the starting point nearby Ubud, and then walk down through terraced path to the river. 

rafting in bali, ayung river, ubud, rafting in telaga waja
You can also enjoy a fantastic rafting in Telaga Waja River. Drive to Muncan village through the emerald green rice paddy and the hills around sacred Mt.Agung for enjoy exciting III-class rafting on Telaga Waja River. Perched of the valley near Klungkung and enjoy buffet lunch at riverside restaurant.

With regard to Bali, this island not only famous for her art and culture objects, lately it’s under the sea water panorama really worth enjoying. Therefore, please come to us and enjoy the Adventures in Bali, also the other products of nature Bali diving with scuba diving, fishing, marine adventures etc. Just go to travel agent in your country or in Bali, and get a great adventure in Bali.