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About Bali

Welcome to Paradise Island or Island of gods..One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali for few years awarded as the world best island by The International Travel Magazine.

Life in Bali is always related to "Tri Hita Karana" or a tripartite concept that include the spiritual relationship between human and God, and their environment.

The Balinese population of 3.0 million (1.5% of Indonesia's population) live mostly on the island of Bali, making up 89% of the island's population. The Balinese people are one of the 250 ethnic groups in the Indonesian archipelago. Most of them (95%) are Hindus. Bali has tropical climate all year with two different seasons . Bali is very identical with its culture. Among them are certainly difficult to distinguish religion, culture and art. As all of them are integrated into a unity. However, Hindu Religion in Bali seems to be a stream for the development of culture and art in Bali.

Both magical and mythical, this land of volcanic lakes, spectacular rice terraces, stunning tropical beaches, ancient temples and palaces is and exotic melting pot of cultures and peoples. Renowned of its unsurpassed architecture, traditional theatre, dance and elaborate religious festivals, kinds of artistic creativities such as wood carving (statues), paintings, gold and silver smith, handicrafts,the colorful Balinese culture are a dynamic force.


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