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Let's Speak Balinese

Bali is one of Indonesian archipelago. Indonesia is an amazing country, 17,000 islands, 180 ethnic groups and many languages.
Most people on Bali speak Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) but all the Balinese people also speak Bahasa Bali ( Balinese). These language are of course related but are different enough.

Here are some words in Bahasa (language) Bali:

Good - becik
Bad - corah
Friend - switra
Husband - rabi
Wife - istri
Child - putra (boy), putri (girl)
How are you? - kenken kabare
What is that? - Napi punika?

Here’s 1 to 10

1 - siki
2- kalih
3 - tiga
4 - pat
5 - lima
6 - enem
7 - pitu
8 - kutus
9 - sia
10 - dasa

- Thank you so much = Matur suksma

- I’m Fine = Tiang becik-becik kemanten.

- How are you? = Apa kabar? = Punapi gatrane? or Kenken kabare?

- Where is this? = Napi wastan gumine niki?

- What is your name? = Sira pesengan ragane?

- Please don't said like that = Sampunang ngeraos kenten!

- Excuse Me, Can't I past here? = Dados tiang ngambahin meriki?

- Happy Galungan Day = Rahajeng Rerahinan Galungan.

- Where the Tanah Lot? = Ring dija genah Tanah Lot?

- How much this one? = Aji kuda niki?

- I want to go back right now = Tiang jagi mapamit mangkin

- Where you want to go? = Jagi lunga kija?
- Excuse me, I want to ask you something = Nunas lugra…tiang jagi metaken.

- Have you have boyfriend/girlfriend? = Ragane sampun maduwe gagelan?

Are you ready to go to Bali?

5 comments: said...

Thank you for the fast course... at least thank you will be worth it to know by heart.

zedmagel said...

Hi Marlow,

Long time no see...

If you want to learn bali word... I like you to learn Malay language .

1. Makan - eat
2. Minum - drink
3. Apa khabar - how are you.

That 3 word for to day. Untill next class. See you...

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

This is very interesting!

~LaDy NuHa~ said...

hey john, been bzzz lately, but god, yer blog ... totally great specilly to people who plan to visit bali. i even can u use it for my research. thanx dudue. n have a grande day( that`s wat starbuck always saya to d customer) hahhahaha.

Cozy Travel Bank said...

Tiang Jagi Bali, Great Blog