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Bali is the Last Paradise

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Are you ready for a real vacation?

Bali has been the beloved destination for tourists for ages. Bali is also famous of magnificent beaches, breathtaking scenerie, marvelous trinkets and interesting culture.

Bali is ideal for people wanting to escape from routine activities, enjoy a honeymoon, adventure, or even, have a great time with family and friends.

Are you ready for a real vacation?

Let's go to Bali.

Julia Roberts in Bali

Did you see Eat Pray Love movie?

Her movie based on Pushcart Prize winner Elizabeth Gilbert’s spirituality/travel memoir (played by Roberts), “Eat, Pray, and Love” is about her self-discovery and soul-searching after her nasty divorce, exploring through India, Italy, and Bali, the last paradise on earth.

After reveling in cuisine in Italy and exploring spirituality in India ashram (hermitage), she will find a balance between worldly pleasures and divine asccendency in Bali where she will study with a ninth-generation medicine man and immerse in a love affair.

Julia Roberts will star as the book's narrator, Elizabeth, whose search for identity following her divorce takes her to Italy, India, and Bali. One third of the story takes places in Bali where main character find love, healing, and mentoring of a Balinese guru in Ubud. "Eat, Pray, Love" is the first multi-million dollar Hollywood feature film to be shot in Bali and it is hoped it wills kick-start the island's reputation for international film locations and production.

Spectacular Sunset in Bali

Bali is a fantastic tropical island in the world. You can enjoy many things in Bali. sunset in Bali, beautiful sunset in Bali
All part of your body and soul will feel a magic of Bali, the last paradise on earth. From coast to coast Bali is always looking unique.

If you really need to recharge your mind, body and soul you must see the sunset in Bali. There are beautiful sunset spots in this island such as in Kuta Beach, Uluwatu, sunset in Kuta beach, sunset in Jimbaran bay, romantic sunset in BaliTanah Lot, Legian Beach, Dreamland Beach, Jimbaran Beach and other places. All of them are unique and create amazing atmosphere to make your eyes and your heart satisfied and happy.

You can see the sunset alone or with your love one. It’s really romantic. Honeymoon in Bali is a great choice, because you can enjoy the most spectacular sunset in tropical paradise. Wow ...

Surfing in Bali

Bali is great for adventure and outdoor sports. Scuba diving and surfing are very popular for many tourists in Bali. As the sun approaches the horizon, you can see line of young Balinese men approaching the beach on their surfboards, controlling surfing in bali, surfing in kuta beach, surfing in dreamland balithem with the same gracefulness as in their traditional dances, mastering the waves and penetrating the tubes.

dreamland beach bali, surfing in kuta, surfing in medewi beach
Kuta, Uluwatu, Dreamland beach and Nusa Dua area are very popular for local and international surfers. Don't forget to go to Medewi Beach to surf. 

As the sun approaches the horizon, you can see lines of Balinese
approaching the beach, controlling their surf-boards  with the same gracefulness as their traditional dances, mastering the waves and penetrating the tubes. Even in Kuta Beach and the area around it alone there are places for
difficult surfs. It's best to talk to the locals so you won't get into trouble.

surfing in uluwatu, surfing in pantai medewi, surfing in baliIf you already have enough experience you go to Uluwatu because Uluwatu also surfing sites in bali, outdoor sports in bali, bali surfer paradisevery unique and also high on surfer’s destination list. The site is very popular among serious surfers. On the south-eastern tip of the island, the Nusa Dua peninsula has some nice reef that provides good waves for surfing. You can stay on any of the most sumptuous hotels in the world spread around the area, and surfing is readily available within walking distance, from a beginner's level to a challenging one for the serious surfers.

About Bali

Welcome to Paradise Island or Island of gods..One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali for few years awarded as the world best island by The International Travel Magazine.

Life in Bali is always related to "Tri Hita Karana" or a tripartite concept that include the spiritual relationship between human and God, and their environment.

The Balinese population of 3.0 million (1.5% of Indonesia's population) live mostly on the island of Bali, making up 89% of the island's population. The Balinese people are one of the 250 ethnic groups in the Indonesian archipelago. Most of them (95%) are Hindus. Bali has tropical climate all year with two different seasons . Bali is very identical with its culture. Among them are certainly difficult to distinguish religion, culture and art. As all of them are integrated into a unity. However, Hindu Religion in Bali seems to be a stream for the development of culture and art in Bali.

Both magical and mythical, this land of volcanic lakes, spectacular rice terraces, stunning tropical beaches, ancient temples and palaces is and exotic melting pot of cultures and peoples. Renowned of its unsurpassed architecture, traditional theatre, dance and elaborate religious festivals, kinds of artistic creativities such as wood carving (statues), paintings, gold and silver smith, handicrafts,the colorful Balinese culture are a dynamic force.

Let's Speak Balinese

Bali is one of Indonesian archipelago. Indonesia is an amazing country, 17,000 islands, 180 ethnic groups and many languages.
Most people on Bali speak Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) but all the Balinese people also speak Bahasa Bali ( Balinese). These language are of course related but are different enough.

Here are some words in Bahasa (language) Bali:

Good - becik
Bad - corah
Friend - switra
Husband - rabi
Wife - istri
Child - putra (boy), putri (girl)
How are you? - kenken kabare
What is that? - Napi punika?

Here’s 1 to 10

1 - siki
2- kalih
3 - tiga
4 - pat
5 - lima
6 - enem
7 - pitu
8 - kutus
9 - sia
10 - dasa

- Thank you so much = Matur suksma

- I’m Fine = Tiang becik-becik kemanten.

- How are you? = Apa kabar? = Punapi gatrane? or Kenken kabare?

- Where is this? = Napi wastan gumine niki?

- What is your name? = Sira pesengan ragane?

- Please don't said like that = Sampunang ngeraos kenten!

- Excuse Me, Can't I past here? = Dados tiang ngambahin meriki?

- Happy Galungan Day = Rahajeng Rerahinan Galungan.

- Where the Tanah Lot? = Ring dija genah Tanah Lot?

- How much this one? = Aji kuda niki?

- I want to go back right now = Tiang jagi mapamit mangkin

- Where you want to go? = Jagi lunga kija?
- Excuse me, I want to ask you something = Nunas lugra…tiang jagi metaken.

- Have you have boyfriend/girlfriend? = Ragane sampun maduwe gagelan?

Are you ready to go to Bali?

Honeymoon in Paradise

Learning about Balinese culture is a wonderful thing, life changing experience. Bali has one of the most unique and fascinating cultures in the world. This amazing island is known by many evocative names; "The Island of the Gods". There are more than twenty thousand temples in Bali. It is also one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

backpaker, bali, bali honeymoon, culture, destination, married, paradise, romantic, tourist, tropical, villas,
Bali is a very romantic island. The tropical paradise isle of Bali has long been a favorite honeymoon destination, but did you know you can also get married in Bali?

Imagine exchanging your vows under balmy skies with a fragrant breeze wafting over you. The stunningly beautiful countryside is perfect for exploring, and the clear seas and quiet beaches make a perfect getaway.

There are a lot of hotel, cottages and villas that very perfect venues for your wedding ceremony and your romantic honeymoon in Bali. It’s up to you to stay in a
boutique hotel, 5 stars or just in a Balinese simple villa. Most of the hotel in Bali provides honeymoon suites.

If you prefer to stay in a Villa you can book a room with a private swimming pool. You can book a front beach hotel or villa. You can choose a hotel that surrounding by a traditional Balinese village, so you can enjoy the Balinese environment, culture and daily activities of Balinese such as: Balinese ceremony, Balinese dance, and art and other cultures activities.


Honeymoon in Candidasa, diving, holiday in Bali, villa, hotel, honeymoon, diving in Tulamben
Bali is great for adventure. Candidasa is one of best place in Bali. Candidasa is a secluded north-eastern beach town located away from the tourist hot spots of Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua in the tranquiHoneymoon in Candidasa, diving, holiday in Bali, villa, hotel, honeymoon, diving in Tulambenl and traditional eastern ‘real Bali’. Candidasa is physically and culturally extremely beautiful, it is widely accepted that Bali’s most beautiful scenes are in the northeast where black sand beaches meet vast rich flowing rice terraces, and huge mountains decorated by luscious tropical forests and of course the impressive presence of the Volcano.

Candidasa is not ten minutes away from the airport, Denpasar or the tourist hotspots, which is the one of the main attractions for most people who visits. Offering unspoilt landscapes and culture where you can find your own tropical paradise and indulge in the real Balinese charm that still remains unchanged here despite the growth of tourism and what’s best of all there is no need to sacrifice luxury accommodation to experience this.